Demonstrated interest?

Hi, I’m an applicant applying to some private high schools (Nobles, Groton, St. Mark’s School, Commonwealth, etc.) for the 2022-2023 school year and I have a few questions about ‘demonstrated interest’:

How much weight does demonstrated interest have in an application? Do prep schools track demonstrated interest? If so, do they know if an applicant went to any virtual events or not?

Thank you!

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If by “demonstrated interest” you mean contacting coaches or teachers, then yes. Virtual events are completely optional and attending them does not boost one’s chances.

I don’t think most give much, if any, weight to this. But what does matter is that you show some understanding of the school and what you want from and can contribute to the community.

If you are excited about crew/German/study at a school that doesn’t have it, that’s a problem.

Pre-covid, it was expected that if you were from not too far away, you would visit the school for a tour and interview. That’s plenty from the school’s pov. Do the equivalent.

After acceptance, you’ll have more opportunities to learn more and decide where to attend.

I have contacted PEA’s Latin teacher since I’m really into Classics and Certamen. However, how would the admissions office know if you’ve contacted a teacher and talked with them?

I will guess that if it matters to the teacher, the teacher will tell admissions.

And I will further guess that admissions will not be influenced in its decision that you reached out.

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