Denison Class of 2024

When do regular decisions come out?

We will be sending decisions in early- to mid-March

When will EDII results come out?

Denison has rolling admissions for ED applicants. So, after how many days do ED applicants hear back?

Our understanding was that ED decision often come out within about 4 weeks, though I’m sure that can vary.

How will I be notified of the decision? Will a mail come or will the decision get directly uploaded to my applicant portal?

Did anyone get an email offering the “optional opportunity” to tell admissions “Why Denison?” DS did, feel like it’s a flag that he is in on the bubble.

@cjpski Yes, we received it as well. My guess is it went to all applicants (our sons stats are well above the Denison averages so its not just on the bubble students who received it). In looking at threads from last couple years, sounds like Denison does this in part because they have received a very large number of applications, and it may help them filter down to those most interested. Our son definitely plans to respond to this essay request. Good luck!

Applications have been increasing every year so, in watching past cycles, this seems to be one way to identify students who are really interested in the school as opposed to students who just have it as a throwaway on their list.

If you haven’t been able to visit/interview, spend some time on the website, look for articles/talks given by President Weinberg, to get a feel for the culture. Community, respect for diversity, civil discourse are all core values at Denison.

I received the email about the supplemental essay too.

as @STEMFocus says, this happened last year as well. My son received a similar message. He wrote the essay and was admitted. At that point, he had not actually visited the school but he had interviewed with a recent graduate and was able to draw on that. @Midwestmomofboys ’ suggestions are good - President Weinberg talks a lot about Denison’s aspirations, so you can get some good ideas about the school culture from his communications.

Hey guys! RD 2024. International kid here. Didn’t get any emails for any supplements. Also decisions go out 5th March if I’m not wrong.

Per the Denison twitter feed @DenisonU, decisions were mailed March 8 in 2019. I hope you’re right and it will be the 5th, @Mimi31 !

My admissions counsellor there said that it would be out on 5th.

Awesome news, @Mimi31 - just a couple more days to wait! Thanks for sharing!

Does anyone know what time exactly?

Where can I find the application status portal?

Last year it looks like decisions started to leak out around 6:30 pm.

For today is it sure?, cause I texted and they told me it might be on the 6th or another day. It wasn’t really clear

Also guys , will we receive an email that an update has been posted to your application or we should should login directly to see ?