Denison Class of 2027 Official Thread

Thank you! How has your daughter’s experience been? Access to profs, dorms, food, career advising? Appreciate the first-hand insight!

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150 miles away: Google Maps

As others have said, Denison is a wonderful and transformative place. My daughter has developed close relationships with her professors and has built a varied friend group of nice “kids”. She’s premed and the premed advising has been outstanding. Also, the University President is a rock star. He is accessible and actually knows the students. I can’t say enough positive things about the opportunities Denison has provided for my Daughter.


That’s wonderful to hear. I have listened to a few interviews with the president and have been blown away. He speaks a lot about mindfulness and meditation as it’s a big part of his own life and I love the example he is setting.


So happy to hear about the pre-med advising! Best of luck to your daughter !

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