Denison Regular Decision 2023

Hi everyone! I noticed that there was no thread for Denison University regular decision class of 2023, so I’m starting one now! I know we won’t hear back results for a while, but I figured I would start it now. Start discussion below!

Hi guys i recently applied ED 2 to Denison. Anyone got in ED1? Please share your stats and any tips which would help us get in.
Cheers have a great one!

Can’t say anything for ed1, but goodluck ed2!

I got in ED1, I have a 3.4 and a 33 ACT. Honestly the best thing you could do is focus on having a good interview with an alumni. I would also strongly suggest setting up a meeting with your designated admissions rep because it will help show them who you are outside of your numbers and essays. I hope this helps!

Dude I met the counselor when he came to my country and took an interview recently as I am an ed2 guy. I did hit it off with him and got into the whole good fit thing my result should be out in a week I feel I should get in. Hope to meet you there cheers!

I have an interview today. Has anyone had an interview with Denison yet? What should I expect? Any tips?

Did everyone receive the email that they added a supplement or only some people?

We got the email.

We got it too.

S19 received supplemental request, too.

Good luck everyone!!! Denison is def my first choice so far but I’m really nervous

Denison has definitely moved up in my list. When do we think decisions will be released?

Not soon enough! :slight_smile: I’m guessing March 15?

looking at the previous years it seems like its been the 15th or 16th. i applied test optional. have a 3.57 unweighted, 3.69 weighted, took honors classes, and a lot of community service. fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Message from my daughter just arrived, and she was just notified of an acceptance. So, check in if you are waiting! Good luck everyone!

My S19 just got his acceptance with $27,000 per year merit! Is definitely one of his top choices.

D19 just got the notification! She also got the $27k! This is the first mid-west school we’ve heard from; very excited!

S accepted with $27k merit scholarship! Very high on his list. This is going to be such a tough decision!

Accepted with $27,000 a year from NY.

UW GPA: 3.2
ACT: 29
Full IB Student from 11-12th grade
attend private school
tons of ECs (maybe my strongest part)
also excellent common app essay
I didn’t do the Why Denison essay because it’s not very high up on my list but that could change in the next few weeks.

I was rejected but I think it was yield protection
I’m the Montana Student of the year + helped on an Oscar-winning documentary
ACT: 34
SAT II: Bio E 740, Literature 740
GPA: 3.8 (8 AP’s this year 11 AP/IBB last year)
Major Awards: President Service Award, National Park Service Award, Montana MUN Awards 3-4, awards from my school
Awesome common app essay
awesome EC’s
didn’t write the why denision and not sure why I even applied
Was admitted to a T20 via LL