Denison supplement

I applied rd to Denison. I got an email about interviewing but was so overwhelmed with school and other interviews I committed to having that I didn’t have enough energy to research and prepare for a Denison interview (especially since its not my top school). I received an email requesting a supplemental essay which I plan on turning in. Is this a good or bad sign? Thanks in advance!

My daughter applied to Denison RD the year before last. She did an interview with a student when she visited and then received the email asking for a supplemental essay about this time of year. Isn’t the prompt basically “Why Denison?” She submitted an essay and was admitted with very generous merit. My guess is that without an interview, they’re trying to ferret out if you really want to go to Denison. If it’s a contender for you, it’s worth your while to write the essay!


Also @ajwetzel I think everyone receives that optional question (whether they interviewed or not). I don’t think it’s a good or bad sign but rather just part of the application process at Denison. By not including the optional essay as part of the Common App, they likely get more people to apply to begin with (which can, in turn, drive down their acceptance rate). Instead of having the essay as part of the original Common App process, they offer the option now, I think, to everyone who applied. I’d think a good Why Denison essay could only help your chances, so as @packacards said, if it’s a contender for you, it’s worth doing…but being asked the question is probably only a sign that they received your application - nothing more.

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Denison was highly recommended to my D21 by someone in Cbus economic development. Big Red is likely in her top 3 and she has been very anxious to engage with the school. She has interviewed with admissions, been connected to students and spoke to the top of the IR program. She too got the "Why Denison? essay and plans to complete it today.

With acceptance rates hovering around 30% there is no guarantee… so I recommend everyone create their own opportunities. Denison’s highly recommends interviews. Although it is not published, my understanding is that without an interview your chances diminish greatly.