DePaul Acting update on cut program?

<p>Can anyone advise us on the current status of DePaul's cut program from the Acting BFA?
Also, we are confused about the Acting BFA requirement of a total of 225 hours... isn't the total usually 120-150 credit hours for a degree? So confused...</p>

<p>It is my understanding they eliminated their cut system a couple of years ago. However, they, like all programs, do provide feedback annually and could ask a student to leave if they felt they were totally not performing, behavior issues, etc; However, as a system, I believe they’ve discontinued that.</p>

<p>Hi Bromquest!
I’m actually an entering BFA Actor to DePaul’s program.
To answer your questions, to my knowledge the cut program was let go of starting with last year’s entering class. And I just added up all classes the BFA Acting curriculum has required of me and it seems to have totaled up to 233 credits. I would say many factors can play into this, such as DePaul University being on a quarter system, that is 4 quarters (including summer) are in the DePaul calendar, so some credits and lengths of courses are split up differently than schools with the “fall/spring semester” schedule. I would also attribute this to it being a very rigorous training program with additional liberal arts requirements, meaning that the BFA Acting students on average spend more hours of the day in classes/rehearsals/performances than what is normally required for a degree. Just the first year acting track has 54 credits, along with required courses as a first year from the University that amounts to 16 credits. On top of that certain “learning domains” (liberal arts) through the University (32 credits) must be completed before a student enters their senior year, spacing out courses in Philosophy, Religion, Arts & Lit., etc through out three years.
I hope I could help,
but if you have any questions I’m sure the theatre school office of admissions can be of assistance.</p>