DePaul - Applying Test Optional for Fall 2022 admission

For those curious in the future about applying test optional, etc.:

My D22 got her DePaul acceptance this week (week of November 29). She applied EA for film in the first few days of October.

She received the Presidential Scholarship for $24,500 per year after applying test optional. She had 4.0 UW and 4.36 W, and her class rank was somewhere in top 15-20% of a very big suburban competitive high school class of about 800.

Her extra-curriculurs were solid but nothing too fancy. She’s taken seven AP classes total during high school, while many of her peers take that many in a year.

Her rec letters included the one required and two additional allowed, and I’m fairly confident these were strong. Her essay was well-written and very much in her own voice.

We did do an on-campus visit in the summer and are from a state in the southeast.

Hope that info may help anyone pondering applying test optional. I’m in the camp that hopes test scores fall out of use for college admissions:).

Good luck to all!

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I forgot to mention in my above post that she also was invited to apply to DePaul’s honors program, which may be of interest to those considering test-optional applications.

Congratulations! Join us over on the DePaul EA thread. This is a really thoughtful post. Wonderful news for you D22!

Where is the honors invite?

Hers was stated in her acceptance letter, I believe, if I remember correctly.

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My D22s acceptance invited her to apply to Honors, so she did. She found out last week she was accepted into Honors. It took 1 week to find out she got into Honors after submitting the application.

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