DePaul change in policy?

<p>We had discouraged my S from applying to DePaul because of its nearly 50% cut after freshman year (48 to 28). Why spend so much money on on 50/50 odds and it creates a backstabbing environment among students. They recently changed their stated philosophy to accept 32 and not have a mandated cut but an "evaluation" (which most programs do).</p>

<p>People in the industry tell me this is bogus--they will still cut significant numbers. I can't tell if this is "old news" or if the program really has changed their philosophy. Does anyone have a student in the program that knows?</p>

<p>We were plainly informed at my son's interview that there would be no cuts. I know that many programs eschew the term "cuts," and explain that most of the attrition is voluntary (or by mutual agreement). The programs are very intense, and many students stop feeling the love after the first year or so. At Mason Gross, they admit about 16 BFA Acting students each year, and usually graduate 8-10. The students don't simply vaporize, but they choose to pursue a different path (often related to Theater Arts). Emerson also said that they never throw Acting BFA candidates onto the street, and that the decision to change course is almost always mutual - they insist that they seldom, if ever, involuntarily cut.</p>

<p>I remember that the Emerson rep said natural selection usually whittles them down to the ideal class size by junior year; more students are reassigned to MT or vice versa than dropped to the BA. Some change majors entirely of their own volition. They told me, as they did stagemum, that true cuts are very rare.</p>

At Mason Gross, they admit about 16 BFA Acting students each year, and usually graduate 8-10.

That's not entirely accurate. It's been between 11 and 13 the past three years. But,wow ... DePaul is doing away with the infamous sophomore slaughter? Glad to hear that!</p>

<p>Interesting, the Mason Gross numbers seem to square pretty much with the Purchase numbers which makes sense given the similarity of the programs.</p>

<p>@ fishbowl freshman - it's interesting to hear your correction, because we were told that 9 of 16 graduated last year when my son interviewed at MGSA; I might have misunderstood, or the representative might have erred.</p>

<p>^ Must be, because there were twelve last year and thirteen the year before. Here's a link to last year's senior showcase site ... [url=<a href=""&gt;]Showcase.Home[/url&lt;/a&gt;] Oddly, there were two CCers who didn't make it to the end. WallyWorld's D and FollowYourDreams. I actually know a couple of last years grads and have never figured out a subtle way to ask about what happened with them. Seems to be the awkward part of choosing to remain anonymous on here ... ;)</p>