DePaul Class Of 2024 Official Discussion Thread

Acceptances should be starting soon if not already. Good luck.

Has anyone received a decision yet?

how about the big basketball win last night over Iowa! woo hoo!

I applied first week of October and haven’t heard back yet but I’ve heard back from 6 other schools, hoping we hear back soon. I’m so excited!

Just got my acceptance letter today!

Just got my acceptance today! I got a $24,000 per year Presidential’s Scholarship. I probably won’t go but should I apply to the honors program? My mom wants me to just in case but I don’t want to write another essay.

Congrats!! When did you submit all of your materials? I submit my application on 10/7 and my supporting documents were received on 10/18 so I’m trying to gauge about how long it will be before I hear back.

Also, if you don’t mind me asking, what are your stats (gpa, test scores, etc.)? I’m hoping to also get the Presidential Scholarship so it would be really helpful to know if I’m in range :slight_smile:

I got my acceptance yesterday! It was my safety, but I got the presidential scholarship (24k) so my family is very happy. Good luck to everyone!

I submitted everything by September 9th. My fafsa was just received today even though I filled it out on Oct. 3rd. As for my academics, I have a 3.6UW and 4.1W, 1400 SAT, and all honors or AP/IB classes.

Thank you so much! And congrats again

Got my acceptance today and I’m so happy :slight_smile: Good luck guys!

Our college-bound senior got their acceptance on the DePaul portal today along with $24k/year Presidential Scholarship. (Unweighted GPA 3.75, weighted 4.55, 1440 SAT)

They want to study animation, and DePaul is one of their top choices, so this is really welcome news.

DePaul is the highest rated animation program that they have gotten in to yet, and though a slight stretch financially it is definitely in the realm of possibility.

If anyone saw the basketball game tonight against Texas Tech, it’s a good time to be at DePaul now. Haven’t seen a good court storm in a long time…ok back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Accepted yesterday for Marketing! :slight_smile:

congratulations! random question but was it a large envelope or just a letter?

Yes congrats @asmalls! Does it come snail mail or thru the portal?? Applied Nov 1st and haven’t heard anything!

They sent me an email around 6 today and I got accepted into international studies

@watty89 it will be on the portal first and my packet came about 3 weeks later

@asmalls it’s very obviously an admissions letter. It’s a large blue envelope with “depaul” written on it