DePaul Class Of 2025 Official Discussion Thread

Starting this 2 years in a row. S21 accepted 10/15 for Film. Also awarded Presidential scholarship. Super excited for him. Good luck everyone.


Congratulations! A great school for film and overlooked for many other majors, including CS.

Congrats to your son. My D was accepted in early October with the presidential scholarship, along with an invite to the Honors program and the 3+3.

She also is super excited that she can still pursue her love for musical theatre as a minor.

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Son just accepted with a Dean’s Scholarship. He’s undecided Arts and Science. He’s pretty excited. We’ll see what the next couple of month’s bring.

Has anyone heard about Early Action last night or today.? The FB page said EA decisions would be out last night. Thanks!

My son applied for EA and expected a decision yesterday but did not get it. Keep waiting…

My son is Class of 2025 for film too!

My daughter was also accepted for film. Nice to have several options before Christmas I don’t remember having EA in my day lol.

@ReneeA, congrats! Would you be willing to share her stats? And did she audition for the theatre school as well?
Thank you

My D applied EA, and heard in Oct. But she is a pre-law major.

She was invited to honors and accepted into the 3 + 3.

She was test optional because she was closed out of the test 3 or 4 x due to COVID. Her weighted GPA is 4.4 all APs.

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But she is totally excited to minor in comedic arts … but she won’t decide until the spring where she actually ends up.

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I just got my acceptance letter today! Although I am not committed yet, I am a Psych(BA) major going on the pre-med track. I got an invitation to the University Honors Program and was accepted to the Pathways Honors Program. I also received the Presidential Scholarship! I was a test optional applicant and applied for regular decision.

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Has anyone applying to the music college heard yet?

My daughter got in and is very interested and excited… BUT we have never been able to visit the campus other than virtual visits. She applied at the urging of her aunt who lived in Chicago and near DePaul, but my daughter has never been to Chicago. Do you think we should book tickets and just walk around the campus to get a feel?

We are from California. (silly COVID is frustrating this process:)

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To get the best chance at a scholarship should I submit with or without SAT? I have a 1250 SAT and a 3.44 gpa unweighted (weighted is 4.0)

We didn’t ask this specifically at DePaul but did ask the admissions counselor at other schools all gave us a pretty straight answer. It’s not a bad reason to be in touch especially if you have another question that makes you a person.

alright thanks so much I will talk to a counselor about it

Hi there. My D wants to visit, as well. We looked into the travel restrictions. Anyone from out of state is required to quarantine for x number of days before they can even venture out. We are hoping things change by the spring.

hey! i got accepted a while back into the school of communication, does anyone know the financial aid situation with depaul? do they usually meet full need, or somewhat?

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Hey everyone! Great news, my son was accepted to DePaul University, my Alma Mater, and also received the Deans scholarship which seems to be half tuition. He was also invited to a the pre-optometry track, which i didn’t even know they offered. We are still undecided and have not committed anywhere yet.

quick question for those who were offered the Presidential Scholarship, is that a full tuition scholarship?

congrats everyone who has been accepted and good luck to those still waiting. i loved my time at DePaul and would recommend it to anyone without a blink.

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