Depaul stage management prescreen decisions

Does anyone know when Depaul will send out prescreen decisions for their stage management BFA? Has anyone heard yet? My understanding is that they will only interview about 30-40 applicants for 4-5 spots. The deadline for submission of all materials was December 1st and portfolio reviews start in January.

I answered my own question. My daughter’s status changed today on her blue demon portal. There was a link to sign up for an interview. Still no email but a link to give her access to the interview calendar (in case this info helps anyone waiting to hear).

how did the interview go?

She loves the school but worries she might be at a disadvantage because she did not get to interview with the head of the program as expected. Hopefully it won’t hurt her chances as DePaul is a top choice for her. Are you or your child applying to stage management?

Hey there! I wanted to know if your daughter got in? I applied this year as well, passed prescreens, and also interviewed with someone not the actual head, I was rejected in the end sad because DePaul was also my top choice.

Hi. Sorry to hear that DePaul did not work out. My daughter was waitlisted. I now believe that nobody got to interview with the head of the program. Have you made a decision on where you are going yet? She is deciding between Emerson and USC for stage management.

Hi there… my daughter got accepted for Theater Arts/Directing. Her interview was with the assistant dean which we thought was a good sign… I didn’t realize ahead of time that it worked that way. Best of luck on your waitlist!

How were you able to see who you are interviewing with? Is there a way to find this in the blue demon domain?

My post last year was after the interview. I did not know anything until the interview itself.