DePaul University Class of 2022

Hey everyone,

I haven’t seen a DePaul|22 thread, so I figured I should create one. I got into DePaul RD yesterday. Has anyone else received a decision?

Congrats on your acceptance!! I applied RD and still waiting to hear back. Did you get an email or did you find out in the mail?

Hey @Rokugo,

DePaul sent me an email saying that an update had been made to my application. From there you log in to the Blue Demon Domaine portal and you view your decision there.

Don’t worry if you haven’t received a decision yet, they are releasing them in batches. I think the last batch is March 15th.

Thanks for the info! I called them this morning asking when decisions would be sent out and they said they received a record-breaking number of applicants this year but would get back to me sometime next week. By 3pm I got an email saying a decision was made and I was waitlisted… oh well. Glad I finally know :slight_smile:


Sorry to here that. DePaul takes 50% of its waitlisted applicants off the waitlist, so if you really want to go to DePaul you might have a shot.


This unfortunately is not true. I’m currently a Freshman BFA Acting Major at Depaul University. Last year DePaul received a record number of applicants. All original offers were accepted except 2. Only 2 waitlist offered were made last audition season and similar numbers the years before.