Depaul University Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

DePaul University offers Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Early Action (EA) deadline for Fall 2022 admission at Depaul University is November 15.

All early action applicants should receive an admissions decision by January 15. Last year, Depaul University admitted 10,225 of the 12,800 applicants who applied Early Action. The acceptance rate was 79.88%. For more information visit the DePaul University page on College Confidential.

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Are you planning to apply early to DePaul University? Why Depaul University? What questions do you have about applying early? Comment in the thread below.

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Hello, my D22 was accepted to DePaul! She received the Presidential Scholarship for $24,500 per year, an invite to apply for the Honors College and the 3+3 law program. Very exciting!!

Hoping others have heard too!


Congrats! What were her stats?

32 superscore, 3.9 uw, 4.7 w. Good luck to all waiting. I’m thinking this indicates the beginning of notifications


Congrats to your DD on her acceptance. My S23 may apply next fall and was thinking EA.

When did your DD complete her app? It seems the wait for a decision when applying EA isn’t long.

Thank you @ChicagoSportsFn . She applied in mid-August.

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My D22 got her acceptance tonight with an $18,500 scholarship. She is so excited. Intending BFA in Film.


Congrats to her, @ma2020 !

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My son just got accepted tonight. Also $18500. Game Design. Also very excited.

We have not visited yet so looking forward to seeing the Lincoln Park and Loop Campus.


Congrats @crawljumper11 . We visited the Lincoln Park campus this past summer and were very impressed.

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Thank you, Winky1. Really looking forward to the visit. My son wanted an urban, diverse, campus in a major city with a good program in his intended major and that is financially affordable. DePaul checks every box.

Can anyone comment on the dorms, food quality, and local restaurant scene?

Thanks for your help!


Sounds wonderful, @crawljumper11 ! Sorry, but we only saw the model dorm on the tour this summer. I really can’t help with dorms, food, etc. My D22 loves DePaul, but she has applied to 9 schools, so she will be waiting for more decisions in Dec., Jan. and March. But so exciting that DePaul is a solid option for her. She’s thrilled.

I can’t comment on dorms or food quality, but Lincoln Park, the area that the main campus is in has a great food scene with many restaurants (and bars). Lincoln Park is a thriving residential area, and generally has been one of the top city neighborhoods for young professionals which gives it a great energy. It also has easy access to the Loop campus via the “L” trains. The Loop is the city’s central business district, but also has restaurants as well as many of Chicago’s top cultural attractions (e.g., theaters, museums, opera house, etc.).


Congrats! What were his stats?

My D22 just got her acceptance today! Offered the Dean’s Scholarship, $23,500. That makes it close to affordable but still a stretch.

Exercise Science major
3.94 UW, 4.1 W (I think)
ECs are not spectacular: a few seasons of sports, a paid internship related to field of study, a job (16 hours/week). Pretty good essay though. Not sure about her LORs (does DePaul even ask for those?).

Anyway, she is excited and so am I! She’s never been to Chicago, but I have and I love it. Just wish DePaul wasn’t such a commuter campus…


Hi @Ally86 , congrats to your daughter! I got the feeling that lots of kids live right off campus and so the % of kids on campus in dorms is smaller. Is there more to this that I don’t realize? Please share what you know about commuting. Thanks

Not sure if read it here on CC or elsewhere, but DePaul guarantees housing for only your freshman year. They just don’t have the space. In my spreadsheet I noted “only 2800 spots for 14000 undergrads.” I was under the impression that the adjacent neighborhood is pricy so many college kids cannot afford to live there. But this is all hearsay I guess. I’ve not stepped foot onto the campus.

Thank you for your info. I have read things about this, but it’s something that does not seem like an issue to us. Some live on campus, some live in off-campus housing, and some commute. That is everywhere. I do think because this is a very urban campus, and there is no football, the key is to get involved to meet people. My D22 is not the kind of student who would not get involved. She has all intentions of being in either a marching band or pep band at wherever she winds up. And if she’s at DePaul, I think there would be plenty for her to get involved with. She’s got to hear back from 7 other schools, though. It’s great that she has 2 wonderful options in DePaul and Pitt right now. Has taken the pressure off. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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My S22 found out last night he was accepted at DePaul, Dean’s Scholarship $23k. He is very excited and really liked it when we visited this summer. The scholarship seems to have given him a big boost of confidence. 3.6 with 32 ACT (one test). He’s going to wait and see but immediately mentioned changing his ED school to EDII or RD. I told him he needed to talk to his college advisor first!