DePaul University Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

Thanks for sharing your impressions. We are heading there on Thursday and will hopefully get a better feel for the campus. My son is not into the frat scene either, so this may end up being a good fit!


Looking forward to hearing your opinion of DePaul

We just got back from our DePaul visit, so here are my impressions:

We attended the admitted student event on Friday at the Loop campus for the film program, and I was extremely impressed. Their resources are top notch and they are really plugged into the Chicago film production scene. They have production space at the same studio where many shows are filmed - we actually saw them doing a shoot for Chicago Fire (I think) when we arrived for a tour of their facility. That aspect really exceeded our expectations. The Loop Campus itself is in a business area of the city. It was fine - nothing terribly interesting about it. We were there on a Friday, and since they don’t have classes on Fridays, we didn’t see much student activity there. While there is some housing down there, the impression I got was that most students live on or near the Lincoln Park campus and take the train down for classes. The area seemed safe and the L station is right in front of the building.

On Saturday, we took the general admitted students tour of the Lincoln Park campus. The campus is in a very nice area and the L stop is right there so getting to the Loop only takes about 15 minutes. It was a Saturday, so we didn’t really get a good impression of what it is like while classes are going on, but there was a good amount of activity - kids in the dining hall, gym, studying in common areas. Our tour guide told us most move off campus after Freshman year because there are very nice apartments nearby for less money. She did say that they stay pretty close to Lincoln Park since that is where all the social activity happens.

My son came away with an extremely positive feeling about the school. He wishes it had more of a cohesive campus than it does, however, the program is so strong he can overlook that aspect. He is also a city kid, so is comfortable in that environment. He has a couple of other very different schools he is looking at later in the month, so it will be interesting to see how he feels after seeing those.

I hope that helps!


Thank you very much for taking the time to post.

I very much enjoy reading everyone’s perspective. In many ways, yours was similar to ours.

Interesting take. This entire process is quite fascinating to watch. My kid is hypercritical, but DePaul rose in his ranking as he visited other schools. We agree that the campus vibe is not as strong as others, but they have Chicago. On the academic side, their internship programs are very strong and faculty are very student focused which is a huge plus (speaking as a faculty member myself at a more research oriented university).

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Has anyone who applied Regular Decision recieved their admission decison yet? An admissions counselor I emailed recently said that all RD decisions would be released on the 15th.

Ye, my daughter received hers a couple weeks ago. We have FA too.

My DD was accepted to the School of Music on 2/28 but hasn’t received any financial aid or scholarship info. Has anyone else? Any ideas of when we should expect to hear this missing piece of info?

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My daughter’s came with her acceptance. That was back in the fall.

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Just spent the weekend in Chicago touring DePaul. My son was accepted to the film program (CDM) w a Presidential Scholarship. We were so impressed with the school, program, resources, CineSpace, networking opportunities, etc…

DePaul was in his top 3, and this weekend solidify his decision and he accepted his admission offer and committed!

Chicago is such a great city and we agree w him and think he made the absolute best decision!!!

Congrats to all!


Congrats to your son! I am sure my son will see him around CDM.

In case anyone is interested, the last item on the Blue Demon Domain check list (not including the final transcript) opened up today. This is a big one - registration for advisory and for your required Premiere DePaul visit.


Kid finally committed to DePaul, see you on the parents page. Good luck to all your kids!


Exciting! My D is this close to committing to DePaul but she is really dragging it out.


Welcome. The Facebook DePaul parents page has really good information. Highly recommended.

Now you have to do fun things like doing the placement test(s), registering for Premiere DePaul and an advisory meeting, picking dorms, etc.

I also recommend the depaulclassof2026 page on IG. Great way for your child to connect with others and possible roommates. There are probably 800 + DePaul kids on there currently.


She did it! Committed to DePaul just 10 minutes ago! Completed her housing app last week and just did the writing placement “test.” She may change her major from exercise science to health science, because it looks like the exercise science program, housed in the College of Education, is itty bitty. And yes, the parents Facebook page is very helpful, I agree.


Congratulations to your daughter!

Since you are out-of-town like us, you may want to consider scheduling the one day Premiere on 08/26 if your daughter plans doing Discover rather than Explore. That way you can move in on Saturday 08/27. Discover starts on Monday 08/29 and goes through Friday 09/02. They then have the weekend off, Labor Day off, Invocation on Tuesday, and classes starting on Wednesday 09/07.

Yes, we will definitely shoot for Premiere on 8/26. That is only four months away! Yikes!

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Scary isn’t it? So much to do. We have started buying extra winter clothing now while stores are clearing out for spring. It only averages a couple of degrees colder in Chicago than where we live in NE but the wind there really kicks it up a notch. The lake personifies the effect there. We live on the ocean here but it tends to mitigate the worst effects of weather, unless a nor’easter comes through.

This is a fun site we have been using to scout dining spots for visits:

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Good idea about winter clothes! She bought a knee-length down coat for our visit in February, so that’s covered, but she’ll need boots and she’ll have to learn how to layer!

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Layering is the key!

Glad you went in February - no surprises about the weather.