DePaul University Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

How long after your student completed their checklist did they find out their Premiere DePaul day? I’m anxious to start planning!

Not long at all. Keep checking the line for Premiere in the portal and it should open up for you in a day or two.

We have had to hold off on airline tickets because we have not been able to register for Saturday move in yet. Of course, airfare has increased by $140.00 each in the last week. Just peachy.

But if it’s not Saturday move-in, when would it be?

You can sign up for Saturday or Sunday. I definitely want Saturday, but until our Saturday move in date is confirmed it would be unwise to purchase non-refundable tickets.

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This is great info!! I’m going to join the DePaul Parents FB Group. My son can’t wait to move to Chicago! We’re from right outside of Philly, so not too far, but just far enough. Already got a really good parka for the winter. Have a few patients from Chicago, all of them recommended Sorel boots for the winter/snow. Think we’re just going to rent a car when we fly out to move Luca in and buy him stuff there. So glad the college-decision phase is over!


I have been pleased with the DePaul parent FB page. The information on there has been really good. Someone seems to have an answer to almost any question and there is very little fighting.

Ally86, were you able to get in to Premiere?

FilmMom2026, sounds like you have a good handle on everything. We have not decided what we are going to do about a car yet. We may ship most stuff and spend most of our time there enjoying the city and using Uber to get around. Still up for debate. We did get a good deal on a hotel in the Loop, a couple of blocks from CDM and across the street from Millennium Park.

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My husband went to medical school at University of Chicago, albeit years ago, but he at least can give Luca some idea about living in Chicago (winters, etc). His brother stayed in Chicago when he finished medical school and now lives in Skokie w his family, so at least Luca will have family nearby in case of emergency.

Luca signed up for Premiere DePaul in July, so my ex-husband and I are flying out w him for 2d then. I’m waiting to book tickets and hotel for August until we get his move-in date. DePaul’s website says Fall move in date will be posted in June.

It’s going to be a busy summer…:sunglasses:

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I went ahead and booked the hotel with a 24 hour cancellation policy so I am covered there. The plane tickets I am concerned about - they keep increasing but I cannot book until I know the “official” move in date. I am pretty sure when it will be but until the Saturday 27th move-in is confirmed I cannot book a flight.

My brother-in-law went to University of Chicago as well. I believe he graduated around '74, though he enjoys returning to visit. He went with us on our DePaul visit as a tour guide. My oldest son lives in Madison, so he can get to Chicago fairly quickly, if needed.

It is going to be a very busy summer, indeed!

My D has been taking her time completing her checklist, plus she’s been busy with AP exams, working, and the Lorde concert! But I’m going to push her to finish today so we can start planning.

I just read that Chicago hasn’t seen the sun in 45 days. :frowning:


That’s a long time without sun! Bet they all go bonkers when sun and warmth arrives.

Your daughter sounds like my son. He has been working more as senior year slows down but has AP Physics and Calculus tests this week…the worst ones! The “easy” ones are done, thank goodness.

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Can’t remember if I posted that my son committed to DePaul. He loved the vibe at Temple a little bit more, but DePaul loved him more ($$$) so he decided to love the school that loves you back. He’s excited and anxious and sporting his DePaul gear daily now. I’m so excited for him. Thanks parents for your stories and I wish the best to all your kids.


Did you ever get one? My DD got accepted yesterday via EA. (Was surprised how early they gave her a decision.) I didn’t look at her email specifically. It said she got the $24,500 Presidential one, but am wondering about more needs based aid and work study opportunities, etc. She’s waiting on more schools but would like an idea overall at this point. When I did their NPC it came out with potential “grants” that weren’t really that big but every little bit counts! TIA And did your child wind up attending?