DePaul vs Ithaca for film production major

My son was accepted to both and is trying to decide between the two. I know the schools are very different - larger urban vs smaller and rural. He honestly thinks he’d be happy at either, but just wondering if anyone has feedback about the actual film programs.

There’s no doubt that both schools are strong in this field and have excellent facilities. You & he chose well for schools to apply to. The difference is not just urban/rural but the fact that Chicago is a regional production giant. The town of Ithaca is . . . well, it’s a town. And it’s remote.

Have you visited both? What other schools are on his list?

For S21, DePaul was one of the last three picks for him. He had a very nice offer. Loves Chicago and the film facilities at DePaul. Ultimately he chose Florida State. We visited Ithaca. Neat little town but just too small for him. There’s no wrong choice.

We visited Ithaca and are going to Chicago next month to see DePaul. He has also been accepted to Temple and has applied to Syracuse and RIT RD, so not sure if he’ll get in those. He wasn’t originally looking at Ithaca, but we did a tour while we were in upstate NY and he was really impressed, so it moved way up on his list. Plus they gave him a nice offer, as did DePaul.

DePaul. Lots of work in Chicagoland and opportunities. Great area to live especially as a student. Lots of creativity in Chicago in any Art discipline. But.

Don’t forget about Columbia if coming to Chicago to visit.


I think he’ll like DePaul. I would visit Columbia just to compare. Did he look at Emerson?

S21 visited Temple but didn’t apply. Rough neighborhood. Syracuse didn’t offer any scholarships so it was off the table.

Penn State isn’t a bad option. Bellasario is pretty nice plus the alumni network is huge.