Depauw vs Centre College

I have been accepted to two both school with great financial aid package. I’m not sure what I want to do yet, but very likely majoring in Economics with a medical-related double major or minor. I’m an international student if it helps.
I want a supportive, diverse, down to earth and inclusive community, not cliquish at all. I don’t mind partying but I also love intellectual conversations and emotional bonding. I want a place that I have all the resources to succeed, whether it’s special program, faculty, alumni or connection and the like because I may not go to get a Master’s right away. I want to grow myself and develop my strengths. Maybe find some close group of friends as well.
For Depauw, I’m in the Honor Scholars and Management Fellows Program and guaranteed an internship, with most people completed more than 1 internship while at Depauw. I really like this aspect of Depauw. I have heard people are nice and welcoming there, but I’m not sure. By some reason, Depauw seems more pre-professional and casual business type compared to Centre.
For Centre College, it will cost me around $4,000 less than Depauw. It does have internship opportunities but are not as many as at Depauw. One thing I have heard is that Centre is a very welcoming environment with down to earth students. As a senior graduating from a Catholic High School in Alabama, I suppose will struggle less at Centre as I’m more familiar with the Southern culture and I love the culture as well.
Please let me know what I should do. Both seem great and my parents can afford either of them.

It sounds like you’re leaning toward Centre. Both are great schools and congrats on getting the great FA offer for Centre!

I’ve got a friend out here in California that went to an all boys Catholic high school in Kentucky. He went to Centre and then UK for a dual degree engineering program. He loved Centre and still goes back for reunions.