Dickinson Early Applicants c/o 2023

Add your stats below! Good luck to you all!!!

GPA weighted: 4.2
GPA unweighted: 3.4
class rank: 23/192 (top 11.9%)
Senior year Q1 GPA: 4.0 unweighted and 4.4 weighted
SAT: 1250

Really hard junior year with poor pre-calculus grade (74)
Math grades senior year: Calculus (92) and statistics (97)

APs taken:
sophomore year: Biology (4)
junior year: Physics, Psychology (4)
senior year: English Language

Public high school

Full-pay (no financial aid)

Honor Societies:
Music: Tri-M NHS (senior year)
National Honor Society (senior year)

Beekeeping Club (president)
Interact Club (secretary)
Astronomy Club (president)
Karate and Muay Thai (martial arts brown-black belt…and still going)
Volunteers teaching youth karate
National Ocean Sciences Bowl
Encountering Survivors (volunteering with Holocaust survivors)
Freshman soccer player on JV and varsity soccer manager when injured
Appalachian Mountain Club trail crew volunteering

Applied early action

Nice ECs. :). Good luck to you!

GPA UW: 3.65
ACT (superscore): 30
Class Rank: N/A
APs taken:
Junior year: AP US History
Senior year: AP Statistics, AP English Language, AP Spanish Language, AP Comparative Gov. and Politics

Nearly straight As freshman year, rough patch with 2 B- sophomore year.
Private, college prep high school

Model UN (leader junior and senior year)
Competitive and performance dance team outside of school
Started a dance program at high school
Science olympiad coach
Editor of school newspaper
Editor of school yearbook
Part time job at a gym
Cast member in >10 school plays/musicals
Leader of Spanish club

Early Action applicant
Good luck to you all!

I applied early action anyone got in early decision ? Please share your stats

My daughter applied EA. We haven’t heard anything.

Nothing here, but people last year appeared to not hear EA until mid-January or even early Feb.

My daughter just received a tiny envelope today (smaller than a letter. More like a card)…She’s not home to open it.

Nothing here yet

I got into Dickinson ED. While my stats might have been lower than some. (Test optional, didn’t get good scores on the AP exams) I think what really did it for me was reaching out to my regional counselor repeatedly asking her ?’s and meeting her at a local coffee shop.

It s okay to ask legit questions if they aren’t answered on the website. But pestering a regional rep a lot isn’t usually a good idea. The reps wouldn’t be happy if every applicant did this.

One thing that they mentioned on the two tours and two info sessions that I went to was that you should reach out to your rep if anything to just introduce yourself. And no I doubt they’d be overjoyed if every applicant did this, but not every applicant does.

Right… until they read on the internet that someone did it, and got in. Introducing yourself probably does not hurt, but asking many questions will turn some reps off, especially if they are about info available on the school website. In any case, congratulation on your acceptance.

My D applied EA and we have nothing yet. Fingers crossed! We’re going to visit on the 21st, our first time to this campus. Really looking forward to it!

Same here, have not heard

Good luck everyone! I applied EA as well. I’m anticipating around a Feb 1st release?

We were on campus today for a visit and heard several people say that EA decisions will be out very soon, possibly by the end of this week or by the 31st, anyway.

That’s exciting. Hope so! We were figuring the week of February 4…Good luck all!

Hope we hear back soon! Good luck everyone! :slight_smile:

Is anyone here attending the Music Audition Day tomorrow?