Dickinson Early Applicants c/o 2023

They emailed me to update my FA, hopefully a good sign they’re finishing up?

The nerves are starting to ramp up! Anyone else stalking the Twitter account for a clue of when decisions will be out?

@GrayStrong I guess it should be next week. Don’t they state EA decisions are out before 2/1? Right now, I think that’s all we know.

We actually thought 2/15 and then learned it’s much sooner. This is D19’s #1, so just trying to prepare myself for whatever may come. Hopefully a big party ?

Hm. I thought it was always before 2/1.

Their site says 2/15, that’s what I was basing it on. Now it feels so close.

Web site says “mid-February” but last year EA decisions seem to have gone out on Feb 2. Anyone know if it’s regular mail only or if they announce on the portal?

I kind of wish it were regular mail only, but I did see that it would be available on the portal with letters going out the same day.

Regular mail is it’s own kind of torture. If you live far from the school, you are still waiting while others have their letters. Good luck, everyone!

@intparent that is very valid. I’m mostly thinking of schools that release midday, my D19 is very independent and has not shared (nor have I asked) for her portal info. We came home to a big envelope from her #3 school yesterday and it was exciting and a surprise and just different.
I don’t want her to be alone if it’s not the answer she is hoping for and I hope to celebrate with her if it is. She really fell in love with Dickinson.

They announced on FB and Twitter that decisions are coming “very soon”. Said to keep an eye on Twitter and Snapchat.

Wow, wonder if that means tomorrow? Nerves are getting to me. Good luck everyone!

Good luck!!!

Any idea of what time they’ll post it? Like 5pm or something like that?

No idea. S19 keeps checking his email. I assume the kids will get an email telling them to check. Assuming tomorrow at this point.

Sounds reasonable, a Friday would make sense.

I have been holding back messaging her to ask, she had work and track after school, so I won’t see her until later tonight. I guess tomorrow it is, then. Hoping for the best!

I don’t see anything to indicate that they would be releasing decisions today, does anyone else?

no. but they posted on Facebook on Wednesday afternoon saying that decisions released in a couple of days and to keep an eye on Instragram…

Check out their Instagram stories. There is a reference to news/announcements coming today, and though it doesn’t say specifically admission decisions, it’s made by the student who interviewed my DD on her visit.