Dickinson Early Applicants c/o 2023

They also have a Snap takeover!

They are definitely trying to get some hype going :wink:
Good luck all!

Pretty sure I’ve checked my email at least 25 times throughout the school day so far. This anxiety is killing me!

I just looked through the old threads and for class of 2022 and 2021, the decision came out at 2:30. I don’t know if CC shows times in each users time zone but we are in the Midwest. So maybe by 2:30 CST.

The first person to post for last years was EST 3:12 pm

S19 is at school (obviously) and I doubt he’s checking his email. He was practice after school so I’m hoping he will check before practice. That will be about 4:00 EST. I don’t think it’s right for me to check for him so I’m have to remind him and have him check. Good luck everyone!

The admissions volunteers aren’t sure if it’ll be today, but I really hope so!

@maddie9691 Why do you know that? Are you an admissions volunteer?

On Dickinson’s Instagram story, the admissions volunteers said they’re waiting for the officers to let them know when they release admissions. They think it’s soon, though.

I don’t think they would be doing this push on social media today if it wasn’t today.

The last post on Twitter makes it seem like decisions are going to be released sometime today. Good luck to everyone! :slight_smile:

If they don’t come out at 3:30, my guess is around 5-5:30. That’s when most of my colleges have released decisions.

This waiting feels like Christmas Eve when you don’t know which of Santa’s lists you’re on

My D19 is so zen it’s making me more anxious. She is at this moment where everything within her power has been done, so no need to worry, just wait. I guess my apple fell FAR from the tree!

you didnt know which list you were on? stupidhead…

Well said. Eagerly waiting for D-son to be the first school I haven’t been rejected or deferred by!

@GrayStrong What’s her secret?? I’m over here at swim practice losing my mind with anxiety while everyone just stares at me like I’m crazy!

I don’t get why they couldn’t just give us a specific release time? This is exhausting

I know, it’s completely ridiculous, other colleges I’ve applied to have told me as soon as I applied the date and time decisions will be released.

Probably because they don’t want to rush anyone in case a small error slips by in admissions due to them having a time limit. I understand it, but yeah it’s pretty exhausting.