Did you get asked for self-reported grades (SRAR)?


Sent RD application and got access to the NYU application portal which shows they have received everything including the high school transcript.
Yet, just got an email from NYU asking to self-report grades for all high school years. Did anyone else get this? Why would they need this when they have the transcript from the school?

Many schools use the SRAR, it allows the schools to put all transcripts in the same format, and recalculate unweighted GPA in the manner a given school wants to.

You should complete that task ASAP.

wait i got this too… i’m very confused because i thought i had already self reported everything throu common app and sent in my official transcript

I got it too. Did everyone get it/is everyone being asked to complete the SRAR?

They also asked me to complete it as well. I submitted it the minute they sent me the email and they responded by saying this:

It has come to our attention that the courses and grades you included on your Common Application may not have been uploaded to your SRAR. If that is the case, we will contact you next week when your courses and grades have been uploaded so you can complete your SRAR. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

This is not the first time I have used SRAR, (I have used it for other universities) I simply needed to submit it. The thing is, when I got onto the SRAR page for NYU, (like login to my account) it states that it has “been submitted successfully”. So I do not know???

dw i submitted mine yesterday and i got a similar email today! i think it’s just because it takes time to process the SRAR submissions! Manifesting our acceptance! dont stress

I got both those emails earlier in the day, but I didnt update the SRAR until that night. So I think it may have been coincidence for you that the second email came through after you updated yours

I swear NYU is like sort of a match and sort of reach. I’ve taken 6 AP’s and 2 Honor’s Classes and somehow maintained a 3.84 GPA, but it’s a reach bc I don’t know what to expect from these guys lol

same im in LOVE with NYU and i’d just about die to get in but idk if they want me :frowning: mine is UW 3.75 with all IB classes and decent ECs and essays… hope the admission team reads my personality and my passion

my ec’s are solid and my Why Nyu and Common App essays are very good

hope we get in lol

I received the same email (forgot to include senior year courses on Common App) and then the second email saying the courses/grades that were included with Common App might not have been uploaded. They haven’t, actually. I just input the senior courses in the NYU portal, but they still haven’t uploaded the 9-11 courses from the Common App. Anyone else? I know they said they’d get in touch this week but now the deadline to upload is Friday. Wondering if should input everything or just submit the senior year courses. Thanks!

Maybe give them a call or email them just in case

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I got this too!! Actually, I already had the SRAR filled out for a different school and NYU sent me an email saying they received sufficient information from my SRAR (they never asked me to send it and I never did, I am wondering how they even got access to it). I assume they requested it and got it because I already had it done.