did you get bullied in highschool?

<p>I did... there was this big black guy with really ghetto basketball shoes, who looked really ghetto. He called me a nerd and told me if I don't do his homework he would hit me up with some foo beata, which I took to mean he would hit me. So I let him take my versace shirt (I wear versace, because its sooo styilsh) and did his homework. he then tried to sell me some heroin which he lied and told me was cocain. I got addicted to heroin because of him. </p>

<p>So, how is your experience?</p>

<p>^^I laughed heartily at this.</p>

<p>That story is such bs. I go to a title one school and gangs are constantly walking around our school. No one bullied me because I have black and mexican friends who back me up and tell their gang friends that I'm cool and not going to start something. Seriously. if you get bullied, get sum friends and fight them or just snitch on them ( which i highly do not recommend), or just run away to another school.</p>

<p>bullying or getting bullied... its all good. </p>

<p>i mean its better than getting home schooling and not being out in the world</p>

<p>I didn't get bullied but there were some japanese gang students at my school who liked to push certain people around.</p>

<p>Um no. Honestly if you get bullied in HS your a Pussy. Just stand up for yourself and puch the guy in the face not that big of a deal. You dont need firends.</p>

<p>I live in Bronx, Ny I see more gangs than many of you would ever know, matbe not the people in LA. I played 3 sports in HS Football, Wrestling and Track(discus and Shotput).</p>

<p>Il give you a Tip. If you walk around like nobody will mess with you then nobody will. if youve ever been to NY, then you know what im talking about. No matter if your a 400lbs fat kid or a 110lbs geek. If you walk around like you would beat the **** out of anybody that came in your way, #1 nobody will touch you, because your not easy prey. #2 You will show alot more confidence and the girls like that.</p>

yo I go to a school in Los Angeles and I know what you mean. You just don't act gangster in front of these people and you dont act like a dumass cuz if you do, you get jumped in an instant. But if you guys are scared, make sum friends that will surely back you up.</p>

<p>your a chump if you need backup to protect you</p>

<p>I was bullied in 4th grade for a short period. After I started twisting her thumbs and kicking her shins and getting her into scrapes throughout the year because I have the "sweet-innocent-never-hurt-a-fly" charms and was able to turn teachers and folks against her... I did fairly well.</p>

<p>Oh and no I haven't gotten bullied in high school - unless you count the school librarian scowling at me and saying things like "DO YOU HAVE YOUR ID CARD?! DON'T GET ANYWHERE NEAR THE COMPUTERS YOU LITTLE BEAST!!" and so forth. :o</p>

<p>I think i was a bully in 5,6,9, grades. End of elementary, I made heaps of people cry - lots of backstabbing and spreading rumors. I was one of those nasty girls (but I never physically hurt anyone) who threatened people in school. In freshman year, apparently i made 4 girls go through depression..? I stil don't get how i did that. But I did alot of backstabbing, rumoring, making people feel uncomfortable and stuff. Basically, if one person *<strong><em>ed me off, I got as many people to hate the person with me.
Very very mean I was. But now i'm not mean. I'm a nice person now!
My preys were: 1. weak people. A push over. Did nothing to protect herself from others' comments.
2. Over-confident, loud, boa</em></strong>*l, slutty people.</p>

<p>LOL ^ b.o.a.s.t.f.u.l
I can't believe S-t-f-u is considered a bad word!</p>

<p>U r kidding me right? Black guy forcing u to buy cocaine? I don't think so!
I've never been bullied except for a short period when i returned to korea from the US. I knew like no korean and couldn't really talk to other people. But after that experience my life in korea was smooth and there weren't any bullies. In the US I know a sort of "bully/gansta" guy. We just say "hey" to each other. There's really no bullying in school. But peer pressure? Of Course!</p>

<p>man you ***** ass mother*<strong><em>ers dont know jack </em></strong> about what it is like in the hood. Im from the Marcy projects in Brooklyn and if any n*** wants to **** with me, ima bust my gat in their ass. Wuttup!!!!!!!</p>

<p>BTW im just kidding....................................................................................</p>

<p>I have been bullied a few times by this very rude "wigger" you may say. However, he does not attend my school anymore. He dropped out. :)</p>

<p>Guys, the first post was clearly a joke. There certainly are a lot of keyboard commando tough guys on these boards.</p>

<p>No one bullies or gets bullied at my school. Even the most gangsta people we have don't want to get their brand new Tommy Hilfiger jeans dirty.</p>

<p>And yes, they still consider themselves gangsta.</p>

<p>All the lonely people spend all their time in the art room, and everyone else spends half their time with their friends and the other half crying about how much they hate their lives.</p>

<p>Tell your "gangsta" poser friends that if they don't start bullying that you'll start bullying them.

<p>...someone's got garbage.</p>

There certainly are a lot of keyboard commando tough guys on these boards


LOL </p>


<p>this thread is funny. You let him take your versace shirt? You are kidding me. </p>

<p>Alright well in my school, I'm pretty cool with most people, and if I dont know them I just dont get in their business, mind your own business, do your own thing. Look confident, then you'll be confident, and like Scotch said no one will just come out and mess wit you.</p>

<p>I cant really relate though with you. I wasn't bullied since the 4th grade. LOL. So thats all I got. ;)</p>

<p>When i was younger i was cos i was soooooo awkward now u just can't shut me up and well i've come into my own really.</p>