Difference between CS 1110 and 1111

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>Im an e-school major and because i did not get AP credit for my cs test i need to take it my 2nd semester. I saw the website and it said that if you have basic understanding of cs then you should probably take cs 1111 and if you had no programming experience take 1110. my proramming skills are pretty shaky, but the thing about 1110 is that i have to take M/W/F classes with a lab, whereas in 111 its just a M/W class with no lab. I know a little bit of cs from my sophomore year; but i just dont want cs 1111 to be too difficult for me. any suggestions? Thanks!</p>

<p>If you search I've posted about this at least 10 times. You should not take 1111 if you don't feel completely comfortable with coding a solution to the following problem in less than 5 minutes:
Print out the numbers 1-100 except every multiple of 3 print "Fizz" and every multiple of 5 print "Buzz" (so 15 is FizzBuzz since it is both).
The lab is the part of the class in which you will learn the most and have direct access to a TA for 1.25 hours.</p>