Different Comp Sci major prgram and schools

My Daughter a Junior High student, is aspiring to be in the computer science field. She sees her parents and feels she could be good in the same field as us! I am more in pre-sales and pre-sales leadership roles. She likes to focus on consulting, sales /pre-sales, marketing, and those kinds of roles instead of being a developer etc.

My question is what prgrams within comp Sci major she should be applying for? And what colleges would be good? We are based in Dallas, TX.

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It’s hard to beat the Harvey Mudd CS program, especially with their 52% female ratio. They consistently have the highest starting and mid-career salary of any college. Best of luck!

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@jvadakel How exciting! Does she have a location in mind? Does size matter? If you share details on stats/budget, there are a lot of experts who can make suggestions!

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A junior high school (7th/8th grade) student’s preferences may change over the next several years…

As of now, college preparation depends on doing the best she can in the more rigorous course options in junior high and high school.

Be aware that class rank is the most important factor in Texas public university admissions, so check on the implications to class rank of things like math and foreign language placement, junior high school courses that count for high school credit, etc…

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There are hundreds of CS programs, many are very good. Information about grades, class rank, test scores, activities, geographic preference, school type, etc., would help make any specific recommendations.


If she is really good she can apply to UT Austin, which is a top university for CS. Since she is not interested in being a developer she does not need to go to a top university. A very good choice would be Texas A&M University - College Station.

Texas A&M does not have direct admission to CS. It has admission to a first year engineering program, from which students need to earn a 3.75 college GPA to get automatic admission to their desired engineering majors. All others apply for their majors (including essays). CS is one of those majors that is full enough that it admits very few or no non-automatic-admission students in recent semesters.

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There are many other degrees that require a lot less work than CS at a top school that would put someone in a (very rewarding) career in consulting, sales /pre-sales, marketing, and those kinds of roles.