Difficulty joining Loyola Chicago Parent's Facebook Page

Hoping someone can offer some suggestions. We are about to send our last child off to college at Loyola and thought it would be helpful to join the parents Facebook page to get up to date info given the constantly changing situation regarding COVID 19. My husband and I have never joined Facebook and on some level have never really wanted to–it’s not our thing. But because everything feels so chaotic right now we decided that he would join in order to ask questions of other parents or at least know what the issues are. So he signs up for Facebook and requests to join the group a few days ago, when we didn’t hear anything he decided to message the group admin to ask how long it would take to be allowed in and next thing I know is that his account has been “disabled”! All I can think is that they think he has a fake account?? I feel like the kid that was chosen last for kickball–lol. Is the only way to get on this page is to have lots of Facebook friends and go “all in” with Facebook? We really don’t want to do that. Thanks for any suggestions.