Dijon for the fall semester

<p>Thank you, Colby Rep, for your ED reply. We have another question. Do applicants have to specifically apply/ask to be considered for the fall semester at Dijon, France, during the application process? Are French majors given priority? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks again.</p>

<p>For "balboa":</p>

<p>Students don't formally apply for the mid-year admission offers (Dijon, France and Salamanca, Spain), but every once in a while students learn of the programs and let us know they would be interested in the opportunity. Of course, we take this under advisement (a student who indicates s/he would <em>not</em> enjoy the experience, would probably not be considered), but a mid-year offer isn't guaranteed. To my knowledge, there is no priority given to particular major or interest--especially since so many applicants are undecided on their academic pursuits--but we would almost always take into account previous coursework in French/Spanish before offering the opportunity to spend three months in France/Spain. If your daughter is interested in the program, after reading/hearing about it, she might mention it somewhere in the application, or in an interview (if she chooses to have one). Hope this is helpful.</p>