Dilema-International student in the US

<p>(<a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/parents-forum/1171082-second-academic-suspension-what-do-asian-international-student.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/parents-forum/1171082-second-academic-suspension-what-do-asian-international-student.html&lt;/a&gt;) As I've posted earlier, I once attended one of the top schools that I loved as a freshman, but I had to transfer to another school against my will due to some extreme family situation (mostly financial). I stayed at the new school for one year, then I was away for a semester due to academic suspension. After the suspension, I came back to the school for Spring 2011 that I still intensely dislike, which eventually caused me a second academic suspension. I can technically go back to my current school for 2012 Spring. </p>

<p>The past two years have been the most difficult time for me, I've been downright frustrated and depressed the entire time. The prolonged depression really affected my character, and I've once lost a will to live life. I was indecisive about my major, and about everything around me. Now I recognize that I really want to succeed academically after all these years, I'm trying to accept the reality and am trying to get both feet on the ground again and bounce back from all the personal failure. I've reevaluated my goals during the time of absence from school, and I've decided to study neuroscience, and I also want to go to graduate school to study more. My dad suggested me that I go back to old school to continue studying if it's possible, since I'm desperately wanting to start afresh somewhere. However, I know that it would be difficult to go back to old school with my ruined current GPA, and I doubt that it's worth the risk of not reporting the fact that I've attended another institution while away from old school (2 year). My parents regret that they forced me to transfer out of the old school just because of the money, and they wished that they had taken some action earlier to prevent my suicidal depression. </p>

<p>Now that I see things clearly, I realize that there aren't many options left and the most difficult part has been accepting the fact that I've failed in every possible ways in life-academically, physically, mentally, socially. It's all my fault at the end no matter what the circumstances were, and I really want to do well and take the most wise actions as soon as possible. The most unmotivating and miserable fact is that, even if I work really hard at the current school, my GPA is not going to be good enough. </p>

<p>It seems like one of the options I have is to just come back to current school and graduate, knowing that I will not be happy all the time. I really would like to know what other options are out there for me in regards to what I could do besides just coming back to the current school.</p>

<p>To be concise, I'd like to know the possibilities of going back to my old school with the academic suspension at current institution, and if there's any other options besides just continue undergraduate degree at the current school after yet another semester of leave of absence.</p>

<p>You would have to tell us the names of the schools for us to give any helpful advice.</p>

<p>i’ve transfered to one of the SUNY’s.</p>