Direct Entry with a Typical College Experience

<p>My daughter wants to go into nursing, and it seems that some of the best programs are in urban areas with hospital access. The issue is that she wants the whole College Experience: Football games, Greek life, dorms, etc. </p>

<p>Is there anything out there that would give her both the academics she wants with the experience she's looking for? Or does she have to choose one over the other?</p>


<p>Off the top of my head I can think of three direct-entry programs that would offer the football, dorms, and probably Greek life: University of Pittsburgh, University of Pennsylvania, and Villanova. I believe that Penn and Pitt are among the best nursing programs in the US, I've heard very good things about Villanova nursing.</p>

<p>I don't think "urban area" and "whole college experience" are mutually exclusive!</p>

<p>A lot of the nursing threads mostly talk about Pennsylvania schools. She would consider Pennsylvania, but wants broader choices.</p>

<p>The "Master List of Direct Entry Nursing Programs" thread would be a good place to start. A quick look there yielded UCLA, UConn, Georgetown, Boston College, and UMass. Then there's always Penn State....definitely has the football, and is not urban (but of course is in PA).</p>

<p>I think that Greek life and football are completely overrated when it comes to talking about "the college experience."</p>

<p>I definitely have gotten the college experience at my school which has no Greek life and no football! I mean, it's not your stereotypical college experience, but still...</p>

<p>Just sayin'.</p>

<p>The University of Michigan also has a direct nursing program that would fit your daughters wants excellently!</p>

<p>Yes - definitely Michigan! Penn is good for Greek Life but not so great for school spirit - at least as far as football goes.</p>

<p>Though i LOVE football, realize that there is only a handful of home games..If your D wants the sports excitement,look for a very good Hoops program...There is NOTHING better for a college experience (sports), then the NCAA Tournament..Nothing...I had a friend say Penn State was terrific for about 5 weekends a year, then the sun rarely peaks into the valley until May :)</p>

<p>University of Delaware?</p>

<p>Pitt football should be ranked in the top 20 heading into this season and its basketball team should be ranked in the top 5-10 heading into their season. Nursing is ranked #7 by US News and the medical center, on campus and connected to the nursing school and an undergrad dorm, is one of the largest and most well-regarded in the country and is on US News' honor roll of top hospitals. 97% of freshman and about half of all undergrads live in university housing, while 10% are greek.</p>

<p>^ Quote: "Nursing is ranked #7 by US News ."</p>

<p>Should be noted that this applies to graduate programs. US News does not rank undergraduate programs.</p>

<p>"Should be noted that this applies to graduate programs. US News does not rank undergraduate programs."</p>

<p>That brings up the question is this inquiry for direct entry for BSN or MSN? Pitt has an accelerated 2nd degree program for BSN, but not a direct entry program for MSN unless you are already an RN. </p>

<p>In any case, the US News rankings are the closest thing that exists for undergrad rankings, and they are only peer assessment (reputation) surveys using no other statistical data. It gives a decent feel for overall school reputation (the faculty and facilities are typically the same afterall), but is unfortunately all there is to go by.</p>