Disclosing to Cornell an Outside Scholarship

<p>I cant seem to find a form to tell Cornell that I won an outside scholarship. I was under the assumption that you have to fill out a form at every university about third party scholarips.
Does Cornell have a different policy? if not, where is this form? I cant find it at either hte Bursar or the Fin. Aid Websites</p>

<p>I had a couple of outside scholarships, and the scholarship givers sent Cornell all of the information...I never filled out any forms. If anything, I'd call the FinAid office and ask about it; they may ask you to send them an e-mail or something with the details.</p>

<p>Cornell</a> University Undergraduate Admissions Office - RESOURCES</p>

<p>That link has the address that outside scholarships should be sent to.</p>

<p>If I'm not mistaken, you have to send the office a copy of the award notification.</p>

<p>most scholarships pay the school and not you...</p>

<p>if they pay you then you really don't have to report it (although technically you should) unless the scholarship people want cornell to know you actually used it</p>