Distribution Requirements

<p>Does anyone know where I can find the distribution requirements and courses that can fulfill them on the UVA website? I've been trying to find it and have had no luck. Thanks!</p>

<p>College Competency Requirements (see Undergraduate Record, p. 64, for details) </p>

<p>First Writing Requirement: ENWR 105/106 (6 credits) or ENWR 110 (3) or ENWR 210 (3)
Second Writing Requirement: typically a 3-credit course </p>

<p>Foreign Language: 0-14 credits (through 202 level, 212 in Portuguese) </p>

<p>College Area Requirements (see Undergraduate Record, p. 64, for details)
Natural Science and Mathematics (12 credits)
Social Sciences (6 credits)
Humanities (6 credits)
Historical Studies (3 credits)
Non-Western Perspectives (3 credits, may satisfy other requirements)</p>

<p>thanks cav</p>

<p>ok sorry i have another question...</p>

<p>can AP credits be used towards distributional requirements and major requirements?</p>

<p>AP credits can be applied towards distribution requirements, and but for specific majors I think they only count towards placement. If you wanted to major in, say, chemistry, you could place out of general chemistry, but you'd still probably have to take the number of credits required for the BA or BS...which means you'd probably just have to take another upper level course or two...which isn't the worst thing in the world. I could be wrong, so you might want to ask at orientation.</p>