Division of General Studies - what does that mean?

Hi all, I was admitted to Division of General Studies 2025. My first choice was CS+Economics. Can someone tell me what DGS actually means in UIUC? How much chance I can declare my desired major later (and how soon)? Thank you

ACT 34; UW GPA 3.5, W GPA 4.2;

It means that you were admitted to the university but not your major.

If you enroll at UIUC in DGS, you must do the following to get into the CS+economics (or other CS+X) major:

Earning a college GPA of 3.50 is typically more difficult than earning a high school GPA of 3.50.

A 3.5 is just the minimum to even apply. Most successful applicants seem to have something higher than that.

Yes I can imagine. Better to know the percentage of successful transferring. If they only allow one or two transfers each year, then it does not worth trying.

Anyone know how difficult it is to get into School of information sciences from DGS? Is it as difficult as Getting in to those CS+X or CS?

Changing into the information sciences major is described here:

For comparison, computer science and related majors:

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