Do any US Universities require transcript, high school, and IB diploma legalization?

My school offers to have my transcripts, and IB diploma, legalized by the Saudi Ministry of education after I graduate. However, this costs money. Is legalization of transcripts, High School Diploma, or IB Diploma necessary for any US university?

To clarify, I study in an American International School. It offers an American curriculum and an IB Diploma. I am an IB Diploma student.

Maybe visit the web sites for “International Applications” for some of the colleges you might be considering to see what they state.

I don’t know how representative that is - but here is one that ONLY requires certified translations, if transcripts and other official documents are not in English.
Otherwise, it will expect your school to directly supply your transcripts or test results etc. to the college, in which case “notarizing” or “officiating” them would not be needed:

Students must request that their high school and/or college send an official transcript or exam results via e-docs or mail. (Certificates or copies of certificates are NOT required and should NOT be submitted)
Students with transcripts or official documents not issued in English need to provide certified English translations along with the official documents. Your school may be able to guide you to third party organizations who regularly provide these translations.