Do Canadian colleges offer full tuition scholarship to international students?

I am an international student and I was wondering if Canadian colleges/universities offer full tuition scholarship to international student. If so is it easier or harder to get than US colleges

You will not likely get anything close to a full tuition scholarship at any Canadian university. International students are seen as a source of revenue as they are in the US. There are some special programs for international students such as the Master Card Foundation scholarships that offer full funding.

In the US some colleges give full tuition scholarship to a small percentage of international students, So what you are saying is that in Canada that is not the case correct?

The US universities that give generous financial aid to internationals are private universities and have endowments over $10 billion. All Canadian universities are public and have relatively small endowments. Their primary aim is to make tuition affordable to Canadians.

Are there community colleges in Canada?
Also can you work and support yourself while you are studying (with little help from family like $500 per month)?

There are community colleges in Canada. The majority are 2 year diploma granting institutions though some offer transfer agreements to 4 year schools and others do offer 4 year programs of their own. The biggest difference between a 4 year program at a college vs a university is that they tend to be much more employment focused towards a specific sector with less of a gen-ed component, and don’t have the same level of prestige (if that matters to you). Tuition at a college will be cheaper than at a university, though you would have to investigate as it will vary by school and by program. Some 4 year universities may have bursary funds available for international students.