Do Catholics get a Discount?

<p>Do Catholics get a discount at Catholic schools like BC, Fordham, Notre Dame? I was told that alums of a local parish high school get a nice discount at Fordham, but I don't see anything on their web site about that. Anybody have any information??</p>

<p>No. A Fordham alum may have set up some sort of scholarship for students from their home parish, but Catholic schools don't give discounts to Catholic students.</p>

<p>Some Catholic colleges will have scholarships for graduates of Catholic high schools, often from ones run by the same religious order running the particular college. But being Catholic is not a requirement at the ones I have seen.</p>

<p>Nope, sorry. No discounts!</p>

<p>Some Catholic schools do offer discounts to kids from certain parishes (I noticed that on Duquesne's web site for instance). Others (particularly the Jesuit schools) offer scholarships that Jesuit high schools can give out. I know Marquette and John Carroll do that.</p>

<p>I have not seen anything like that at Fordham, BC, or Notre Dame.</p>

<p>For other colleges check their web sites carefully. For the Jesuit schools their web site describes many of their scholarships.</p>

<p>Anything along these lines would be called a restricted scholarship, not a discount.</p>

<p>No discounts...but some scholarships. Check the websites. If there were a discount, we would have DD declare she was a Catholic (her dad is) at her Jesuit college...and I'm sure others would as well. DD would gladly attend weekly mass in exchange for a discount.</p>

<p>I Wish!!!!!!</p>

<p>There is a twist, though. A few years ago, a BC rep (we lived right nearby and she spoke at my D's HS) said they actively recruit at Jesuit HS across the country, but not at public HS. She hinted that there's a thumb on the scale (to use Harvard's words) for Jesuit HS kids, at least. She did not mention financial aid, but I suspect the same is true.</p>

<p>It's important to note that the scholarships can be awarded to non-Catholics. There are over 200 Catholic colleges in the US, so there is a wide range of scholarship options. But just as with secular elites, the more prestigious Catholic schools rarely offer merit aid & put all their financial assistance into need-based offerings.</p>

<p>Dean J - Interestingly, Duquense does call them tuition discounts, and they seem like a pretty good deal. Here's what their web site says anyway,</p>

Graduates of Vincentian Academy/Duquesne University are given a discount equal to 25% of Basic Tuition Rate.
Graduates of a Roman Catholic High School in the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown are given a discount equal to 10% of Basic
Tuition Rate. Graduates of a Roman Catholic High School in the Diocese of Greensburg are given a discount equal to 10% of Basic Tuition Rate. Graduates of a Roman Catholic High School in the Diocese of Pittsburgh are given a discount equal to 10% of Basic Tuition Rate."</p>

<p>I would guess that the kids in those parishes somehow know about this program. I wonder if any other colleges have something similar?</p>

<p>Weenie is correct about Duquesne. And it is very likely that these discounts are well known by these high schools as they are a stone's throw from Pittsburgh. Duquesne, however, does not offer wholesale discounts to anyone who is Catholic who attends. It's a CATHOLIC college...most of the students who attend are Catholic.</p>

Interestingly, Duquense does call them tuition discounts

Wow! What a strange practice! Thanks for sharing.</p>

<p>Do the dioceses that are listed donate to Duquesne? The quote also reads as "graduates of an RC HS". There are non-Catholic kids who attend parochial schools so they may be eligible as well.</p>

<p>Dean J, I don't see what is strange about this at all. With over 200 colleges under the Catholic umbrella, the range of misssions is quite wide. Smaller Catholic schools that serve a non-traditional population often offer discounts to cops or elementary teachers at Catholic schools who are getting a masters at night. They commonly offer discounts to the children of Archdiocese employees. Some colleges, I believe Forhdham is one, offer discounts to children of alumni. They know who they are serving and will do everything possible to make higher ed attainable.</p>

<p>I believe that LaSalle College in Phila., also offers scholarship/discount to grads of Catholic hs in the archdiocese of Phila. It is as was said above, trying to continue to serve a local population desiring Catholic higher ed., for which many of these Catholic colleges were founded in the first place.</p>

<p>Additionally, many Jesuit colleges which have secondary schools associated with them, (eg. Fairfield U & Fairfield Prep, Saint Joseph's U & St. Joseph's Prep, Scranton U & Scranton Prep) will offer a scholarship or discount to grads from the hs who are attending the U, but they may restrict it for those who have met certain academic parameters.</p>

<p>The word "discount" is odd to me. That is all.</p>

<p>I don't know what the terminology is for any I mentioned above. It may certainly be a scholarship. But they may describe the amount awarded as 10% off tuition, to cover the fact that tuition changes each year, if it is not a set amount like $2000 award per year.</p>

<p>P.S. to the above. The "discount" term may also be something that Catholics refer to more since many parochial grade schools WILL offer a discount on elementary school tuition when 2 or more, 3 or more siblings attend the parish grade school. So it may be more natural to ask if a discount occurs for high school or college. (Sadly, it generally does not) Wouldn't it be great if colleges offered sibling discounts?!</p>

<p>I guess it doesn't seem like a scholarship because, and I could be wrong about this, there doesn't seem to be any qualifications other than admission and attending one of the designated high schools to get the "discount." In other words, no one at the college awards it.</p>