Do colleges like dual enrolling or an AP better

<p>For my Junior year, i am considering two different choices for classes. Either:
AP Physics Mechanics
AP PHysics E&M
AP env. science
civics and economics
Spainsh 4
AP Lang</p>

AP Physics Mechanics
AP PHysics E&M
AP env. science
civics and economics
English 11
Dual enroll in a local community college, probably taking Calc 3/Multivar</p>

<p>my question is, which would look better to do? I would really prefer taking choice 2), since that seems a lot easier, but would that look bad?</p>

<p>The first one because you are in Spanish 4 and have AP Lang.</p>

<p>Do you want to be an engineer, physicist, or mathematician?</p>

<p>Yes, hahalolk, that is exactly what I am planning to do for my for my future- Math, Physics, or an engineer. I think the second schedule accounts for that better.</p>

<p>I think colleges will like 1 better, simply because it includes a foreign lang. and ap english, along with the sciences. it's more well rounded.</p>

<p>Honestly, admissions-wise they're about the same in strength, but I'd go with the second one because not many high schools offer Calc 3/Multivar.</p>

<p>Not taking an AP class will not kill or even hurt you. You're challenging yourself enough with college level math.</p>

<p>^ it may be critical for his class rank if this is a competitive school. At our school, not taking enough AP's can obliterate your class rank, even if you get good grades.</p>

<p>^ Good call. In that case it depends on your school then.</p>

<p>my school is decently competitive, but we don't assign class ranks.
I guess the main reason I'm leaning towards option 2 is because it will be vastly easier for me (not a good reason, i know).
At any rate, i guess my focused question would be, would colleges look DOWN on the second schedule? If the answer is no, then I'm going to choose that.
Thanks guys</p>

<p>Both schedules look competitive on paper, so take the second schedule and don't look back. :)</p>