Do I have a chance to get on Brown, Northwestern,USC, UCSD bs/md ?

<p>My 1st choice Brown PLME.
I am going to apply Northwestern, USA and UCSD BS/MD too.
Do you think I have a chance to get in one of those?
Or, what do I need more to get in?
also, please let me know any other BS/MD programs l can get in.
I am now,
GPA 3.9.. I have 1 B so far.</p>

H. English
Ap World History
Ap Cal AB

H. English 2
Ap Euro History
Ap Physics C
Ap Cal BC

Ap English
Ap Chemistry
Ap Stat.
Ap Phycology

<p>I will take
Ap Lit.
Ap Bio
Ap Com Science
one more math in college
Ap French of Ap Govern.</p>

<p>I got everything 5 but 4 for Ap W. History so far.
SAT 1 2320
Sat II Math II C 790, Physics 800, World History 750</p>

Math team
CFS member
Concert band since 6th grade
Chinese dance since 5years old. lots of performance for community
Weekendschool T.A since 7th grade
Summer program every summer (CTY, Davison, Conell)</p>

<p>I know I don't have any medical research experiences, but I have no idea where I can find them. Pleaes help me.</p>

<p>First for many of them like Northwestern, you need the SAT II Chemistry Exam.</p>

<p>Your SAT and GPA are excellent. What is your rank?</p>

<p>Only your activities from high school onwards counts.</p>

<p>You need to be involved in more school organizations - it would be also good if you could get some officer positions as well.</p>

<p>You need more health-related activities as right now you have NONE - whether it's volunteering or employment.</p>

<p>If you want to get involved in medical research, then inquire at a local medical school or a university to ask for any opportunities for high school students.</p>

<p>There are TONS which you can google as well by typing BS/MD or BA/MD combined medical programs. But other good ones: Rice/Baylor, Penn State/Jefferson Medical College, BU, Drexel, VCU, UPitt, Temple, Drexel, Case Western, Keck/USC, UCLA. Those are the ones I can think of at the top of my head.</p>

<p>Your stats are good enough and even above average. But, without medical experiences, I don't think you have a chance.</p>

<p>I think the better question is: how do YOU even know you want to go into medicine if you've never had any exposure, nevermind trying to convince someone else that you belong in medicine.</p>

<p>Great stats! You NEED medical experiences to see if medicine is for you. Without them you will not have a chance at the med programs as well. Try volunteering at a free clinic in your community or at a nursing home. Go to the local univ/teaching hospital & ask everyone for research opportunities.</p>

<p>I'm so envious lol</p>


<p>I had applied to Brown ED this year and got deferred (which after some further consideration is probably a good thing). Check my posts for my chances thread, but I had academic stats similar to yours, though not nearly as many APs. From what I gather from visiting and what I've seen on these boards, PLME has more focus on your interest in the liberal arts. I've also seen that many of those who get in and post on CC are extremely surprised that they got in and note that theyre scores weren't amazing, but that they had GREAT essays. All of these people were confident that their essays were INCREDIBLE (usually with multiple exclamation points). </p>

<p>I would definitely focus on getting some more medical extracurriculars (very important) and if PLME is your first choice, focus on your brown essays.</p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>

<p>Agree with NCG. I don't see any medical ECs which are important for BS/MD programs.
Your Stats are great so far. You have an excellent chance of Bachelors acceptance at all the schools you mention. You can always go the traditional way to MD.</p>