Do i have a chance?

<p>I'm from out of state and i'd really like to know if i have any chance of getting in here</p>

<p>gpa: 3.65/4.0</p>

<p>sat: CR: 710 M: 680 W: 640
u.s. history: 740
Math I: 680</p>

<p>Without going into too much detail, by senior year I will have taken 5 APs, participated in a national writing competiton (NCTE), pretty good recs, good ECs, etc. </p>

<p>I know it's a reach, but how much of a chance do I have?</p>

<p>Based upon your status as an OOS and your stats, I'd say you odds aren't great; but can always try, right? If there's any way to get your GPA up above a 3.85 UW and your SAT above a 2150, your chances will improve considerably. Good luck!</p>

<p>I'd give you 25% chance unless you are URM.</p>