Do I have a good chance of getting into the University of Georgia?

Hi, I’m a rising senior at a tough public high school in Georgia. I’ve always worried about getting into my dream school, and wanted to get more input from others. Here’s some stuff about me:

Taken 3 AP classes (US History, Psych, and Lang) with 2 more (Environmental, Calculus AB) in my senior year
Current unweighted GPA of 3.925
1390 on SAT
33 on ACT
JV basketball player in freshman and sophomore years
49 hours of volunteer service (on track for 100+ by the end of senior year)

Do I honestly have a decent chance at getting into UGA? I plan to major in biology or biochemistry (possibly pre-med). I realize I should’ve taken more AP classes in my sophomore and freshman year but I unfortunately skipped on it. What do you guys think?

Only when you apply you will find out… apply EA which I think for Georgia the deadline is in Oct 15. Which means you get a very early picture of your chances. You should get your decision in November

The average early admit to UGA last year had 7 - 12 AP. 4.0 GPA (UGA recalculates) and 1360 - 1490 SAT.