Do I have a shot at ASU Barrett Honors?

I’m an in-state applicant, and I’m not sure what my chances are since Barrett went test-blind.
I have a 3.2 UW, 3.8 W GPA.
I had a really hard time transitioning into high school, and got 4 Cs my first semester of freshman year. I’ve worked really hard and I now have straight As in all AP classes senior year.
I have decent ECs (Designing apps, president of an engineering club, DECA medals, graphic design awards, National Merit Commended student).
I have a 31 ACT score, and I was really counting on that for admissions until every college went test-blind.
Do I still have a shot at Barrett Honors?


@pilotg2 - Best of luck to you in the process. Barrett has been great for two of my sons. I think you make a compelling case for how your UW GPA is lower than the ‘typical’ Barrett student. Your ACT is higher than the average of 29 from previous years. Have you been able to take any AP tests? The FAQ page says that while they cannot consider SAT or ACT scores, AP or IB scores can be considered. I would reach out to the Barrett admission and recruitment counselors. They can provide you with tips to help you make the best case possible. If you message me, I can provide some names.