Do I have to go back to college to get cast?

<p>so I spent the last four years in college studying postwar recovery and now that I've graduated realize I only want to be in plays for the rest of my life. I haven't done any acting since high school, and can't sing to save my life, so the roles aren't exactly falling into my lap. I live in new york and am wondering if I'll have to go back to school for this, which I don't want to do right now- I just got out! Does anyone know of any schools that aren't four years in the city? Or have any idea what my next step could be?</p>

<p>Of course you don’t have to go back to college! You probably will, however, need to get some serious training unless you’re some kind of natural genius/prodigy. You could always go for an MFA, but you’ll probably need a good bit more experience and training to be competitive to get accepted to a good one since you’ve put acting on the back burner for the last four years. Here’s a link to some non-scholastic training programs I’ve seen recommended elsewhere … <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>What you need to do is be very careful!!! Seriously, there are scams all over NY so that's my first suggestion. </p>

<p>Next, educate yourself - pick up a copy of Backstage and subscribe to the on line version and look at their message board. Go to the Drama Bookstore (West 40s) and look at their offerings as there are many good books to get you started. Check out some of the training classes listed in all these references.</p>

<p>Understand that you have a very long road ahead but if it's what you want after doing some research then go for it!</p>