Do I need more advanced math for Oxford?

I’m a rising senior, and got a 4 on the AP Stats in 11th grade. I am going to take Calculus AB in my senior year. Is that too weak for Oxford? Should I self study A-levels?

As noted in your other thread, Oxford will require a 5 in Calc BC for PPE. A 4 in AP Stats is a red flag and will disadvantage you in getting an interview. What were your other AP scores this year?

It would be a terrible idea to self-study A level maths instead of Calc BC. Not only is it harder than Calc BC, with more ground to cover, but the results don’t come out until the third week of August so you wouldn’t know if you had met any conditional offer until after most US colleges have already begun their fall semester.

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Out of curiosity, @Twoin18, what is the US equivalent of Further Maths? Thanks.

The key additional parts of further maths A level beyond calc BC are complex numbers and matrices (though the UK course also has more emphasis on proofs by induction). Matrices are covered in linear algebra (next course beyond Calc 3, though not dependent on it), but AFAIK complex numbers seem to attract very little focus in the US until upper division college math analysis courses.


Getting a 4 on AP stats and taking Calc AB senior year will be red flags. Look into other UK universities.