Do I need to provide my high-school transcripts (International Transfert)

Hi ! I’m currently studying in a French University. Given the fact I have good results (In France, we are rated out of 20 and my average is roughly 17/20), I plan to apply for US universities. However, I’m pretty lost, because I don’t really know how it works and what documents I need to provide. Especially with the ones concerning high-school.
I intend to provide my application to study as a sophomore. From university websites I’ve seen, most of them require high-school transcripts.
I’ve created an account on mycoalition. Thus I started looking at documents I need to provide for a transfert application. However, all the universities I intend to go seems to not require high-school transcripts (while it’s written you have to on their website), except information concerning my final exam (and GPA, but given the fact I’m from France, our system is different and our GPA is not reported).

So, my question is : Do I need to provide transcripts from high-school?

I don’t think there will be one correct answer for every situation. Contact the admissions office at each college you plan to apply to directly and ask if it isn’t clear from the school websites.

Thanks for your answer!
The issue is it’s kinda clear on their websites : you need to provide your High-school transcripts.
However, there is no field for providing them and I haven’t found any clue about that on mycoalition.
It’s pretty weird…as you advise me, I think I’m going to directly contact these Universities to have further information.