Do I need to take the ACT Writing

After some research, it seems that the ACT writing isn’t as important. I haven’t taken the ACT yet and am going to in September. Should I take the ACT writing? If I shouldn’t can I remove it from the test the day of or online without having to reschedule the date? Thanks!

Look at your college list to see. Traditionally you will see required if it is but since most are test optional you won’t see that today. . Without knowing your list I feel confident to say you needn’t take it. But check each schools admission website to be sure.

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Thank you so much! It seems that schools I am currently looking at do not need ACT writing. Would it be better to take it? I know CB doesn’t have it anymore so do I really need to?

It wouldn’t kill you but I wouldn’t, even if I was applying Ivy.

Most won’t even look at it.

SAT has eliminated the writing section. I believe the only college that still requires ACT writing is West Point. Don’t bother.


Thank you!!

If you want to take it, go for it, but honestly I don’t think it matters to any schools, not even top schools. I took the writing portion every time I took the ACT (which was 3 times) and regret it. I’m probably not even sending it to any colleges. Plus, it would’ve been nice to be able to leave the test center right after the science section :slight_smile: The most important piece of writing is your personal statement, and that’s when you can really let your writing skills shine through.