? Do I really have a chance or are my hopes too high

<p>Hello All, so in high school my GPA was horrible not the normal oh man I got at 2.9 GPA im talking about .99 :( horrible I know so I graduated high school this past Jan. And started CC soon after and after I finish summer classes I will have 31 Credits at a 4.1 Gpa and im going to he retaking my SATs to try and bring up my math score anywho the question is.. Could I possible have a duane at getting in? I also I've been taking class that goes with Virginia's arts and sciences recommend course work.</p>

<p>My Stats
HS Gpa .99
CC Gpa 4.1 31 credits and that's with out next semsters 17 credits.</p>

<p>....I didn't mean to post this three times </p>

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<p>Are you a VA-resident? You might be able to get in under the GAA agreement if you are at a Virginia Comm. College</p>

<p>Yes I go to Nova and Central Virginia</p>

<p>Guaranteed</a> Admissions :: Northern Virginia Community College</p>