Do you think I can get into NYU?

<p>My academics are the concern... I got only 1670 SAT and about 2.8 GPA, although I am international, from middle east. And I went to a french private high school there, until 11th grade. So the grading systems were different... then i came to USA for a college prep school... I am fluent in 3 languages... I don't know what to expect, or think, but I already had my audition and the auditor was intimidating and impossible to read but I thought overall I seemed unique to her. I really want to attend NYU... what do u think my academics say?</p>

<p>? No answers</p>

<p>I think you should phone up NYU and ask to speak to an admissions counselor. They can give you the most accurate information.</p>

<p>It's been a long time since I took SATs, I thought there were two sections, each with a maximum score of 800, so the highest combined you could get is 1600. But I might be misremembering, or else they changed it.</p>

<p>What is these days an average SAT and the maximum SAT? (I thought it was 1000, and 1600)</p>


<p>KEVP, the SATS have three sections these days, and the highest combined score is 2400.</p>

<p>Schools' websites will give you information about the average statistics of admitted students.</p>

<p>Tisch has slightly different standards than other schools at NYU because the audition is the most important thing. Still, grades and scores are more important at Tisch/NYU than they are at many, if not most, other BFA programs.</p>

<p>Reveriece, your grades and SAT scores seem a little low for Tisch, but you never know. Best of luck to you.</p>

<p>No, your GPA & SAT are much, much too low. NYU received a record high 45,000+ applications for 4,500 spots.
Being trilingual will really only boost your chances in IR fields.</p>