Do you think studying Data Science (BS) at Clarkson University will be worth it? It's a college decision so I'm being a bit critical LOL


So I have decided on attending Clarkson University and I think I might be majoring in Data Science. I know Clarkson’s Data Science isn’t as renowned as other colleges, do you think it’ll be worth it? Please give suggestions.

There might be two issues here. One is attending Clarkson. The other is majoring in Data Sciences (rather than perhaps math or computer science?).

Clarkson is a reputable and good university. The decision to attend it to me comes down to what your alternatives are and cost. If you are a New York resident, I would wonder about how the cost compares to a public in-state university. However, as long as you are okay with the cost, it is a good school.

I just took a very quickly look at the requirements for Clarkson’s Data Science bachelor’s degree. I was a math major and took quite a few courses that overlap with what Clarkson has as data science requirements. It looks to me like a very good program. I see courses in mathematical modeling (great fun and very useful), Probability and Statistics (one of my favorite parts of math), Algorithms and Data Structures (very useful, also great fun), Database Design (very important for dealing with large amounts of data), and related fields. To me based on a very quick look this looks like a good program. I would also take a few computer science classes and make sure that you also do some programming while you are there.

I also see that Clarkson offers a minor in computer science along with the major in data sciences. This to me sounds like a great option. Employers will want to know that their data science employees know their way around a computer.

To me the program sounds very useful, and actually not all that far from what I sort of pieced together in the way of courses way back decades ago when I was in university.

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful response.

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