Do you want/need a car?

[I will be posting this to a number of schools so my apologies to those who see it multiple times]

The question “do you need a car” doesn’t address the whole situation. When I went to Syracuse University I certainly didn’t need a car but it did make it a lot easier to go grocery shopping or visit friends’ apartments when we were upper classmen. Going home for the weekend was a much easier 3 hour drive than a train ride of 4 hours plus whatever time it took dad to get me. (30 minutes?). I don’t remember how I even got to the SYR train station. Most of my friends were really happy that I had a car and was quick to lend.

What about here? Is transit and Uber sufficient? How far is the Metro-North Station?

Hi! I’m a current junior at Marist and I hope I can sufficiently answer your question! At Marist, you need 50 credits to have a car on campus (and yes, AP/IB credits count towards that!) For the first year and a half at Marist, I didn’t have a car on campus, and was totally fine. Marist makes sure there are plenty of ways to get around. If you’re going on a school-sponsored trip, the transportation is always provided. There are also ZipCars on campus that are really easy to rent if you desperately need a car of your own. Otherwise, Marist has a large selection of security-approved taxi services that are always ready to drive students for a really good deal (typically only $5 anywhere in Poughkeepsie.) The Poughkeepsie Train Station is just about a mile from campus, and has both Amtrack and Metro-North.

Cars are obviously a nice perk to upperclassmen, but there are plenty of ways to get around if you’re not able to bring a car.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! D doesn’t like to drive, I don’t like car payments, and there’s this service called UBER. Loving places that don’t more or less require them.