Does a 4th year of math really help??

<p>Hey in my 4th year of highschool and i took Geometry Honors freshmen year, Algebra 2 honors sohpmore year, and Pre-cal Honors junior year, and now i dont feel up to it to take Calculus AP this year.. and for the requirements for a csu/uc... it says a 4th year of math is recommended... I was wondering if a 4th year really helps when applying to SDSU or if it is truly recomended because i feel that i wont be able to take all the work into cal ap. Thanks! I have a 3.5 gpa and a 1100 on the would taking a 4th year go into great consideration for an acception to sdsu??</p>

<p>you should talk to your high school college counselor about that. we aren't sdsu admission officers.</p>