Does a student need to take the TEAS in order to enter the dental hygiene program for AAS?

Good evening, everyone

I tried to read everything carefully no TEAS whereabouts on the website I provided. All other advisors are busy at the moment to ask.

I did a Google search it did say all dental hygiene students need a TEAS exam to be taken. It could be right or wrong who knows.

The only thing I know a TEAS can be taken if a student want’s to pursue an AAS in nursing and the scores do expire after 24 months, which is very annoying it’s like doing the GED all over again. At least make the scores lifetime so a student does not have to retake the TEAS if the scores did expire.

Would a person need to retake the TEAS after they passed the nursing or dental hygiene program?

You should speak to an advisor about this and your specific situation.