Does Affimitive Action apply to Internationals?

<p>On application, would it be a disadvantage that one is asian/advantage that one is hispanic when the applicant is from Canada??</p>

<p>Basically, are Canadian applicants affected by AA, or are they all considered "Canadians/Internationals" and no regard to race is given?</p>

<p>Also, do I need to indicate race in my app if I apply as International? Or is Canadian enough?</p>

<p>I hope you understand my question!!
Links/solid info encouraged but speculation also welcome!! This could greatly affect my app next year!</p>

<p>Thanks :)</p>

<p>Asians are always at a disadvantage no matter which country you come from.</p>

<p>The country you come from also is a factor as schools usually want more diversity. Ceteris paribus, the school would want the kid from Ethiopia instead of the kid from Canada.</p>

<p>Then, would a URM have an ADVANTAGE?</p>

<p>Also, would an asian simply NOT indicate their race on the app by simply applying as CANADIAN/INTERNATIONAL?</p>

<p>I'm not interested in Country diversity-- please respond to AA and race considerations of Internationals!</p>

<p>No, I'm pretty sure that unless you are hispanic, you won't have any advantages. And if you are hispanic, I think it depends on the college?</p>

<p>And yeah, if you're using the Common App, then you don't HAVE to indicate your race. You just have to indicate that you're Canadian. </p>

<p>But I agree with darks0ulz. If you're Asian, you will ALWAYS be at a disadvantage. So it's up to you if you decide whether you indicate that on the application. But if your name sounds really... not white, then admissions will probably clue in.</p>

<p>If you really worry about affirmation action, then try some schools that usually don't consider ethnicity of applicants. Like Caltech or some public schools, UCLA, UCB etc.</p>

<p>It can be an advantage to be Asian if applying to liberal arts colleges.</p>

<p>^true. it is also an advantage to be canadian/international to LACs too</p>

<p>When I was applying last year, I came to know certain schools that really want international students. Specifically, some schools I called really wanted Canadian students. For example, Grinnell college (top 15 LAC) said they only get 20 Canadian applications a year and they really wanted to increase that. There's more schoola but I think I mentioned them already somewhere on the boards. A canadian applicant would probably get an advantage if applying to these schools.</p>